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From Geoff Varney <>
Subject Re: How to verify SA options being used by spamc from remote host
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 18:11:27 GMT
 <Matthew.van.Eerde <at>> writes:

> Geoff Varney wrote:
> > I start spamd with a -u spamd user.
> ...
> > bayes_path /root/.spamassassin
> The short answer is, you can tell if bayes is being used because (almost) 
every message will hit a BAYES_XX
> rule for some value of XX.  The exceptions will be messages with blank 
bodies, or which are unsuitable for
> bayes-checking for some other reason.  But even a Bayes-neutral text should 
fire BAYES_50.
> That said, there are at least two problems with your bayes_path.
> First, it ends in a directory name.  Read the documentation for bayes_path 
to understand why this is
> wrong... it's not really a "path", despite the name.  It's a path and a 
filename prefix.  So
> /root/.spamassassin/bayes is more likely to be what you want.
> Second, the spamd user likely doesn't have write access 
to /root/.spamassassin/ -- if it does, that's a
> problem.  Make a directory like /etc/mail/spamassassin/bayes/, chown it to 
the spamd user, and set
> bayes_path to /etc/mail/spamassassin/bayes/bayes (note the double "bayes" 

Awesome Matthew!  I was heading down the right path yesterday with this being 
at least in part a permissions issue.  So many things in Linux end up being 
permissions, but not always easy to spot for near-novice Linux users like me.

I did as you suggested and created the new bayes path.  I copied over the 
other (improperly named) database files and renamed them to bayes_????? and 
now in the maillog I am seeing bayes_ entries when mail is scanned.

Thanks a lot for your help.  I will monitor and make sure this is working.


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