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From "Gary W. Smith" <>
Subject RE: HUGE bayes DB (non-sitewide) advice?
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 16:59:53 GMT
Not sure, that's just what phpmyadmin is reporting.  I'll check again.
I can't remember if the DB is in double byte or not.  One of my guys
tweaked it for some other little databases on the same box.

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From: email builder [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 1:54 AM
To: Gary W. Smith;
Subject: RE: HUGE bayes DB (non-sitewide) advice?

>> > Our production database for a large number of emails (but using
>> > wide) is about 40mb.  
>> What is your bayes_expiry_max_db_size set to?  Do you feel that it
>> been
>> enough to effectively capture your various user email habits?
> Default.

How can you be running the default value, when the manual says that
tokens is only 8MB??  How do you end up with 40MB of data?:

bayes_expiry_max_db_size (default: 150000)
    What should be the maximum size of the Bayes tokens database? When
occurs, the Bayes system will keep either 75% of the maximum value, or
100,000 tokens, whichever has a larger value. 150,000 tokens is roughly
equivalent to a 8Mb database file.

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