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From email builder <>
Subject Re: HUGE bayes DB (non-sitewide) advice?
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 02:38:55 GMT
> Well, I know there have to be some admins out there who have a lot of users
> and do not use sitewide bayes...... RIGHT?  See original email snippet at
> bottom.


> * Other ideas:
>     - increase system memory as much as possible
>     - per-domain Bayes instead of per-user???

This might be our 2nd best choice (unless there is a good
bayes_expiry_max_db_size solution), but I don't see anything in the manual
about the syntax of bayes_sql_override_username.  The manual mentions
"grouping", but gives no examples of how I could, for instance, group bayes
data by domain (my usernames are in the form

>     - cluster Bayes DB???

This apparently is not an option, since clustered MySQL databases are kept
entirely in memory.  We don't have any 10GB RAM machines sadly  :)

>From the MySQL manual:

In-memory storage:

All data stored in each data node is kept in memory on the node's host
computer. For each data node in the cluster, you must have available an
amount of RAM equal to the size of the database times the number of replicas,
divided by the number of data nodes. Thus, if the database takes up 1
gigabyte of memory, and you wish to set up the cluster with 4 replicas and 8
data nodes, a minimum of 500 MB memory will be required per node. Note that
this is in addition to any requirements for the operating system and any
other applications that might be running on the host.

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