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From "Loren Wilton" <>
Subject Re: Backhair ruleset and current Microsoft e-mail
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 01:26:01 GMT
> Just had to remove the backhair ruleset from use here because it is
> triggering on real e-mail from Outlook. It seems possibly that Outlook
> is creating XML mail with some strange tags in certain places, and this
> is triggering the backhair rules because they are not correct HTML tags.
> Is the backhair ruleset still recommended, or does this current type of
> e-mail make its use obsolete?

I think you are the first person I've seen report something like this.

Up until now we've still been recommending backhair I believe (at least for
English-speaking jurisdictions).  However, it sounds like that either needs
to be re-evaluated, or perhaps backhair may need some updates.  It has been
a stable file with no changes now for a very long time because it just sits
there and works.  Maybe it needs some changes now...


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