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From Matt Kettler <>
Subject Re: Negative score on spams
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 21:02:08 GMT
At 03:45 PM 2/2/2005, Jim Maul wrote:
> > If your localhost can be a spam relay, disable the ALL_TRUSTED rule by 
> setting it's score to 0.
> >
>If your localhost can be a spam relay, fix the problem.

I assumed that the above was obvious.

>Setting ALL_TRUSTED to 0 (while fixing the negative score for spam) is not 
>really a solution.  It merely masks the problem.

Not true.

I suggested the score 0 because it can be useful in two situations where 
they can use SA to help them fix the problem, or where the user cannot fix 
the problem as it is outside of their control

1) If you have untrusted users (ie: you are an ISP) setting the score to 
zero lets you detect internally sent spams by looking for locally 
originated emails with high scores. This approach does not mask the 
problem, instead it actually *unmasks* the problem by having the spam be 
identified when it would not be, and let's you quickly track down users in 
need of termination.

2) If the user is actually running SA inside a user account on an ISP shell 
account, there's not much he can do to "fix" the problem. Here, you may not 
want to effectively whitelist email from other users of the same ISP 
mailserver, but you still want to "trust" it's Received: headers so you can 
do proper whitelist_from_rcvd commands.

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