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From Alan Shine <>
Subject Re: Re[2]: very slow performance with SA
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 14:04:56 GMT
Hi all,
First of all, thanks for the fast replies.
I'll start with the following question: 
1. Is rate of 16 messages/second normal while running with only rules engine, 
   and only installation rules. (DL 380, dual CPU - 2.4GHz, hyper thread, 4G ram, radhat 8,
   spamd children).
and these are the following results to your suggestions:
1. I made sure that I'm running without any network checks, and disabled the URIDNSBL. 
    this didn't help at all.
2. I tested SA with only one rules file from SARE each time, non of then is time consuming
    loading the system more than the others. 
    When I'm running only with the installation rule sets - the amount of idle CPU is in
     between 10-15%.
3. these are the sare rules I'm using:
70_sare_adult, 70_sare_bayes_poisen_nxm, 70_sare_redirect_post3.0.0, 70_sare_genlsub0, 70_sare_genlsub1,
70_sare_header0, , 70_sare_header1, 70_sare_highrisk, 70_sare_html0
, 70_sare_html1, 70_sare_oem, 70_sare_random, 70_sare_specific, 70_sare_spoof, 70_sare_unsub,
70_sare_uri, 70_sare_top200, 70_sare_bml_post_25x, 99_sare_fraud_post_25x, evilnumbers.
thanks, for any reply,

Robert Menschel <> wrote:
Hello Alan,

Tuesday, February 1, 2005, 10:59:02 AM, you wrote:

AS> Michael Parker 
>>On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 10:39:14AM -0800, Alan Shine wrote:
>>>I have one spamd - with the default of 5 max children.

>>This is likely your problem, if you are truly processing at 16 a sec
>>then 5 children probably won't handle the load. Try upping the number
>>of children available. The optimal number is however many you need to
>>handle your peak without overwhelming your system resources.

AS> I understand, but allthough I'm running 5 max children ny CPU is
AS> between 0-2% idle.
AS> (I have dual CPU with hyper thread).

5 max spamd children, 16 emails/sec, means each child is processing
3/sec. Since you have plenty of CPU available and you are not
swapping, if you double your spamd to 10 children, do you double
your throughput? With or without the SARE rules?

Also, which SARE rules do you have, specifically? Maybe you can drop
one or two and retain most of the SARE benefit without the performance
hit of the most aggressive/expensive rules files? (Please list ALL
custom rules files, not just the ones with SARE in the file name.)

For that matter, do you also have custom rules? Any rules in
or other file?

Bob Menschel

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