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From Robert Menschel <>
Subject Re[2]: Outgoing mail scanning
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 01:09:56 GMT
Hello EB,

Tuesday, February 1, 2005, 6:34:25 AM, you wrote:

E> Is there a way in spamassassin that we can set a rule to reject
E> mail that contains a large list of "Cc" ?

SA doesn't reject anything, but if you want a rule that will catch a
large list of Cc entries, you can adapt this new rule from SARE that
may be published soon (more mass-check results being collected):

header    SARE_TOCC_BCC_MANY       Bcc =~ /,.*,.*,/
describe  SARE_TOCC_BCC_MANY       Faulty ratware: Bcc with multiple addresses 
score     SARE_TOCC_BCC_MANY       1.111
#stype    SARE_TOCC_BCC_MANY       spamp
#hist     SARE_TOCC_BCC_MANY       Created by Bob Menschel Sep 23 2004
#counts   SARE_TOCC_BCC_MANY       23s/0h of 115509 corpus (81073s/34436h RM) 01/16/05

Obviously, replace the Bcc with Cc for your purposes, and then score

Bob Menschel

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