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From "Kristopher Austin" <>
Subject RE: Newbie - RBL question
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 14:29:14 GMT

The easiest way to get the information you are looking for is to run
spamassassin -D --lint.  This should give you a debug output, you can
then look through and find out if something isn't running as expected.

You can also start spamd with -D and it will constantly print out debug
output while messages are sent to it via spamc.

I hope this helps.


-----Original Message-----
From: Dermot Paikkos [] 
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2005 10:18 AM
Subject: Newbie - RBL question


Spamd v3.0  with Exim v4.43 using exiscan patch on SlackWare.

/usr/bin/perl5.8.0 -T -w /usr/bin/spamd -d -s /var/log/spamd.log

I am testing out the above configuration on a stand-alone system. On my
live server (no 
spamassassin) I use the rbl option within the mail server (Exim 3.16)
configuration to do 
DNS/RBL query on incoming mail. These RBL queries usually result in a
lot of 
rejections, more rejections than appear to be happening with my test

What I am can't see from the logs (spamd.log and mail logs) on my test
set-up is if 
these checks are being done and what if any rejections have taken place
as a result. 
The log just reports that the mail that was rejected and scored x. Is
there someway to 
confirm that RBL are being used? Can you score the RBL results?  


========= LOCAL.CF ==============
required_score 9.00
report_safe 0
rewrite_header subject ****SPAM****
skip_rbl_checks 0
bayes_path /usr/exim/.spamassassin/
# trusted_networks 212.17.35.
# lock_method flock
Dermot Paikkos *
Network Administrator @ Science Photo Library
Phone: 0207 432 1100 * Fax: 0207 286 8668

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