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From email builder <>
Subject spamd still burning CPU in 3.0.1
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2004 05:06:10 GMT
I hurried out and installed 3.0.1, thinking one of those memory/language
improvements mentioned in the release notes were going to be my savior...

Sadly, 3.0.1's spamd has the same CPU-intensive behavior here.  I am soooo at
a loss; tried everything I've read... spent days reading... please, anyone
have anything more?  

If spamd isn't I/O bound, my memory isn't swapping, I have no other processes
that are out of control, I can't for the life of me figure out why this is

Again, my specs:

A sample from top:

1401 maildrop  16   0 39744  34m 6840 R 28.3  3.4   3:04.18 spamd
spamd children average around 30% CPU, but even 50% not too unusual.

load average is around 15 to 18 during the middle of the day

And this is how I start spamd:

LANG=en_US; export LANG; TMPDIR=/tmp/spamassassin; export TMPDIR
spamd -d -q -x --max-children=5 -H /etc/razor -u maildrop -r

(also tried with -L to no avail)

/tmp/spamassassin is mounted with tmpfs

prefs/bayes/awl all in SQL, but bayes/awl not being used right now

we also run named on the same machine

if it's important, this is 3.0.1, downloaded and compiled manually (not a
CPAN install)

I have installed no custom rulesets, nothing extra beside whatever comes 100%
stock.  This is a Fedora Core 2 machine (2.8P-IV hyperthreaded, 1GB RAM)

spamc is called from maildrop as such:

if ( $SIZE < 262144 )
   exception {
      xfilter "/usr/bin/spamc -u $LOGNAME"

(also tried running inside of amavis to no avail)

Any advice or even just pointers on any more reading I can do would be highly
> > What in the world is going on?  Isn't it true that spamd (beside DCC)
> does
> > its thing w/out disk I/O?  If so, what else could be chewing up so much
> CPU?
> I don't know - The same thing happens to me a couple of times a day, and I
> only get about 350 messages per day.  Today it was at 12:25p:
> 12:25:07         4496    511804     99.13      2532      9420     65088
> 432884     86.93
> 12:25:07            0        91      5.47      2.35      0.89 <<<<<<<
> When this happens, the HDD is constantly active.  I'm using v2.64 with
> network checks.  The load average for the 21 hrs of this day is about 0.1 

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