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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Re: apachesf account at Sonic
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2017 15:20:30 GMT
On 11/14/2017 8:07 AM, Dave Jones wrote:
> What do we think they will be hosting?  My masscheck server at ENA is 
> providing about 77% of the current masscheck corpus (we really need 
> other contributors) and it is an 8 core a 8 GB RAM VM.  It really only 
> needs that much RAM and cores for the masscheck processing.
> If they setup a masscheck'er, do we have any idea of their corpus 
> size?  This will greatly determine the specs it needs.  A dual-core, 4 
> GB might be OK if their corpus is small.
> I am not familiar with what it takes to run the "trap."  What is that 
> doing exactly?  Are you hosting that on PCCC servers today?
> Are they going to host an SA mirror too?  I can give them bandwidth 
> estimates once we get the sa-updates rolling again.
> I personally would prefer CentOS if we are going to be running it but 
> I would be OK with Ubuntu if we need to consider consistency with the 
> box.
> IPMI would be great so we wouldn't have to bother them if something is 
> hung and we need to power cycle it.

They are going to give us a physical box.

I'll ask for an 8core/8GB box and ask if it is ok to do trap data, 
masscheck and run a mirror.

I do not know if the trap data is usable for masscheck.  I think it's 
automated and spam only.-

We've never had a power cycle issue and we have access to their normal 
support to bounce if ever needed.

I'll ask for current CentOS.



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