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From "Merijn van den Kroonenberg" <>
Subject Re: mailspike in 72_scores
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2017 16:26:10 GMT
Note to self: investigate why in is called
like this:
merge-scoresets $SCORESET
With a $SCORESET param. It will cause all rules which are not in that
scores-set$SCORESET file to be ignored and not written to the

The dos version of the script:
Also has the $SCORESET param, but it does not seem to be set anywhere so
it might have functioned as if no param was given.

To me it sounds illogical to ignore the net rules, they are just
masschecked less often, but should still be taken into consideration,

And I just noticed: scores-set1 is still truncated at MILLION_USD, but
maybe  because the masscheck is only once a week?

>> Merijn,
>> I am confused as to what is trying to be accomplished with the patch on
>> but 6400.  Maybe I am misunderstanding something.  It looks like these
>> MSPIKE scores need to remain in since they are tied to a
>> specific SA version check > 3.4.0.
> Normally, all rules which are in will never get rescored
> scores in
> The script to which the patch applies does this, but due to a too strict
> regex, it doesn't see any score line if its prepended with whitespace.
>> Do we need to remove them from, note that in the bug then
>> close it?
> Once the patch is applied, the mailspike rules should vanish from
> by itself.
>> Dave

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