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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject Re: mailspike in 72_scores
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2017 18:49:11 GMT
You should rant about rspamd on list so you can shame moee into working on it :-)

On November 5, 2017 12:21:03 PM EST, Dave Jones <> wrote:
>On 11/05/2017 10:26 AM, Merijn van den Kroonenberg wrote:
>> Note to self: investigate why in is
>> like this:
>> merge-scoresets $SCORESET
>> With a $SCORESET param. It will cause all rules which are not in that
>> scores-set$SCORESET file to be ignored and not written to the
>> The dos version of the script:
>> Also has the $SCORESET param, but it does not seem to be set anywhere
>> it might have functioned as if no param was given.
>> To me it sounds illogical to ignore the net rules, they are just
>> masschecked less often, but should still be taken into consideration,
>> right?
>> And I just noticed: scores-set1 is still truncated at MILLION_USD,
>> maybe  because the masscheck is only once a week?
>Not sure either.  I would like to get something to work even if it's
>perfect so we can get sa-update updating again with "good enough" 
> which would be better than nothing.  We can't roll out any
>new rules at all right now.
>Then I would love to carefully redesign the scripts so they could be
>hourly instead of daily and only run if there is an actual
>waiting to be tested.  The new script would be more modular and share 
>functions/logic instead of each one doing nearly identical things but 
>slightly differently.  The scripts would have proper logging with 
>meaningful return codes and not use "set -x" and "|| exit $?" which is 
>extremely difficult to troubleshoot.
>Right now with the current problem of commits messing up the masscheck 
>processing, it's taking days and weeks to troubleshoot problems as we 
>make changes to try to improve things.  This makes the project seem
>it's not doing anything when we are really trying hard to improve
>We need to add new features and improve SA or rspamd is going to take 
>over and leave SA behind.  I have some ideas and plans that I would
>to implement over time to help the entire SA install base but we have
>have a solid foundation first.
>>>> Merijn,
>>>> I am confused as to what is trying to be accomplished with the
>patch on
>>>> but 6400.  Maybe I am misunderstanding something.  It looks like
>>>> MSPIKE scores need to remain in since they are tied to
>>>> specific SA version check > 3.4.0.
>>> Normally, all rules which are in will never get
>>> scores in
>>> The script to which the patch applies does this, but due to a too
>>> regex, it doesn't see any score line if its prepended with
>>>> Do we need to remove them from, note that in the bug
>>>> close it?
>>> Once the patch is applied, the mailspike rules should vanish from
>>> by itself.
>>>> Dave

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