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From Dave Jones <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Re: Problem with generation
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2017 16:15:58 GMT
On 07/04/2017 10:54 PM, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
> Resending without the screen shot...
> Hi John,
> Thanks.  We spent Friday as well trying to identify what's going on and 
> I worked with Crashplan to restore the data I had for the old solaris 
> box.  It was in an old format because the solaris client was deprecated 
> so it was a lot of juggling.
> In any case, I will A) look at this information again.  and B) I ran 
> crashplan on the ASF servers because ASF Infra doesn't do backups.  I 
> configure it to retain a pretty insane (unlimited) number of revisions 
> as an anti-malware protection.  This means you can go in and restore a 
> specific version of

The is in SVN so I don't need to restore that file from the 
backups.  What I need to see would have been a temp file created by the 
garescorer compiled executable called 'scores' that would have been in a 
path something like:


I think this was formerly under /tmp if I remember correctly.


> (removed screenshot, too large and mailing list rejected)
> I put the credentials in SVN for the ASF crashplan and happy to help 
> walk you through things to see if I have a backup of the file you want 
> to compare.
> Regards,
> On 7/4/2017 12:59 PM, Dave Jones wrote:
>> Kevin,
>> I have spent about 5 hours this morning trying to track down the 
>> generation problem.  I haven't pinpointed the problem yet 
>> but here's what I have found so far:
>> NOTE: su - automc for proper paths below.
>> 1. ~/svn/masses/rule-update-score-gen/ is the 
>> script in question

>> Line 271 runs "runGA"
>> 2. runGA creates 
>> ~/tmp/generate-new-scores/trunk-new-rules-set0/masses/gen-set0-5-5.0-6000-ga/scores

>> This 'scores' file has 345 scores in it.  I wish we had a copy of this 
>> file from mid March to see if it also had around the same number of 
>> scores to confirm the runGA/garescorer is not the problem.  However, 
>> this file is a temp file that used to be in /tmp so it's probably not 
>> backed up anywhere and definitely not in SVN.
>> 3. Back in the at line 289, the 
>> "extract-new-scores" script creates scores-new from the scores file 
>> but excludes/culls out anything manually scored in
>> The culled scores-new file has the same 42 lines and ends at 
>> MILLION_USD just like our so this is the smoking gun but 
>> I haven't found the what pulled the trigger yet.  There is something 
>> different about this step than back on March 15th when we had our last 
>> good
>> At first I thought that changed a lot which caused more 
>> exclusion/culling in the but that's not it. The revision 
>> only shows a few minor changes in
>> Next I looked a the garescorer since it get's compiled from 
>> garescorer.c every run.  The garescorer.c is identical in the backups 
>> and in SVN so that's not it.  Again, I wish I had a 'scores' file to 
>> compare to from mid March.

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