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From Dave Jones <>
Subject Mirror bandwidth
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2017 12:26:46 GMT
Now that we have rule updates going, I am seeing about 22 GB of traffic 
a day combined on both of my mirrors. This is from 
about 20,000 unique IP visits a day.

Currently we have 2 ruleset publishes cron'd each day where the DNS TXT 
record is getting updated.  One from the masscheck scoring at 9 AM UTC 
and one simple rule promotion at 2:30 AM UTC.

Should we consider not doing the DNS TXT update on the simple rule 
promotion since it's not really doing anything and it's only a few hours 
from the masscheck update that means something?

Sometime soon I would like to have an SVN-triggered/polled rules 
promotion for when devs commit new rules.  Right now it's just a daily 
cron job that is not smart enough to know if there were any real rule 
changes so all it's doing now is using unnecessary bandwidth on the 
mirrors, IMHO.


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