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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject Re: Tracking tasks/work for sysadmins
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2017 20:01:29 GMT
On 6/8/2017 2:58 PM, Dave Jones wrote:
> First item.  The sysadmins area (component) is setup on BZ.  There is 
> a component called "Website/Infrastructure" that has 4 bugs in it that 
> we need to address.  There was a 5th one about our old zones2 hosting 
> needing to be decommissioned but I closed that one since that is 
> behind us now.  :)

I only show 3 in the component.

7403 - Apache CMS for SpamAssassin website - This is moving again. See 
the INfra ticket
7349 - Helo for bugzilla - closed now
6887 - FreeBSD build issue - I've updated the note, thanks.

Were there others?

> I use Slack at work and it's helpful as I am a remote employee.  I see 
> the benefits of using it in this team in short coordinated times when 
> realtime chatting is needed to tshoot a problem.  I would prefer to 
> get on a phone call for lengthy conversations that require a lot of 
> back and forth over typing in email or Slack.
> I feel pretty strongly that we should have the primary conversations 
> on this mailing list for historical/documentation/transparency 
> purposes but I would be fine with using Slack for the occasional use 
> with the understanding that just because it says I am available 
> doesn't mean I am available for this team since our day jobs are the 
> first priority. 
I'm +1 with slack.

I setup as a team and sent you both invites.

Also, I have screenhero setup as well so let me know if you need invites 
for that.

Can you add this to the infranotes:

You’ve enabled anyone with an ** email address to join the 
*Apache SpamAssassin* team on Slack.

The next step is to share the link to your team’s signup page: 

Be sure to mention that it’s necessary to use an *@apache.​org* email 
address for signing up. $img_alt


Kevin A. McGrail
Asst. Treasurer & VP Fundraising, Apache Software Foundation
Chair Emeritus Apache SpamAssassin Project

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