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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject Re: Ethics Guidelines was Fwd: Re: > The machines that run sa-update stuff are offline at the moment.
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2017 20:45:57 GMT
The translation makes sense.

A committer is someone who commits a crime.

In this sense, it's about committing code to revision control systems.  
So to admin, you need to commit.

On 6/21/2017 4:35 PM, Frank Urban wrote:
> So "committer" is the allowed access level for a sysadmin?
> When I translate committer to German and than the translation back to 
> English I will get "offender"
> Am 21.06.2017 um 20:41 schrieb Kevin A. McGrail:
>> re: Admin v Committer
>> SysAdmins for SpamAssassin use a lot of SVN to store data for the 
>> machine administration.  Because of this you will have committer 
>> access for sysadmin purposes.  Does that make sense?
>> Regards,
>> KAM 

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