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From Dave Jones <>
Subject Re: Intorduction
Date Sat, 13 May 2017 00:09:08 GMT
For my introduction, I have been computing since college in '88. 
Started out as a Master CNE in Novell Netware and really looked forward 
to Unixware taking over the world but that flopped.  I switched to a 
Microsoft MCSE for a few years until going full time as an 
AIX/UNIX/Linux admin in 2003.  I had been playing with Slackware Linux 
since '93 when you had to rawwrite your stack of floppies to install it.  :)

I am primarily a RedHat EL/CentOS guy.  I run Fedora as my main desktop 
and laptop.  Having to learn Ubuntu for this SA sysadmin work.  I do 
like some things about Debian but miss some things about CentOS 7.

I have been doing enterprise-level mail filtering for about 12 years and 
my primary experience with SpamAssassin is via MailScanner.  Recently I 
have setup iRedmail ( servers that use 
amavis-new.  I setup one to help with the nightly masscheck stuff.  I 
have a very old domain that has been retired but has a lot of email 
(mostly spam) pointed to it which is perfect for the masscheck stuff.

I work from home (Dallas, TX) for Education Networks of America that is 
based in Nashville, TN.  We are an MSP primarily for K12 and some higher 
ed all over the US.  My primary job responsibilities are team lead for 
the Systems Engineering group, mail relaying/filtering/archiving, DNS 
hosting for ENA and customers, domain registration management, SSL 
certficate management, server automation via Puppet and Salt, server 
backups, monitoring via Icinga, MySQL cluster replication, ...

My work/desk number is 615-312-6147 and cell is 972-357-5406.

On 05/08/2017 03:47 PM, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
> On 5/8/2017 3:36 PM, Bryan Vest wrote:
>> I came into this group with out really an introduction.
> Hi Brian, we're a small group.  You, me and David Jones.  I'm open to us 
> voting to add more but I feel good about the group now.
> But a great idea for an introduction.  Quick Intro for me:  My name is 
> Kevin A. McGrail and many know me as KAM.  I've worked in computers my 
> entire life (see
> I started out helping the SpamAssassin project before it came to Apache 
> to help Justin because he was having issues with DNS stability.
> Over the years, I helped out more and become the VP both unofficially 
> and officially for a few years.
> Earlier than that, I started also with a C64 and then a C128 and an 
> Amiga 500 alongside a PC.  I used to run a BBS until the FBI decided 
> they didn't like me doing that.  I loved Unix the first time I saw it 
> actually starting on Vax and being introduced to MUDs.  I can type like 
> a madman just to keep up with scrolling text and orcs trying to kill me ;-)
> My wireless is 703-798-0171 if it's ever needed.
> Best, KAM

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