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From Dave Jones <>
Subject Re: Onboarding, Documentation, etc.
Date Sat, 13 May 2017 14:59:06 GMT

On 05/13/2017 09:04 AM, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
> On 5/13/2017 9:50 AM, Dave Jones wrote:
>> I am not sure about my goal since it may be in slight conflict with 
>> your goal.  :)  I would like SA to be a little more toward a complete 
>> spam filter out of the box so people don't have to spend years 
>> learning all of the ins and outs to make it effective.  I understand 
>> that SA can't be complete out of the box for every mail environment is 
>> a little different but I feel that it could be improved a little more 
>> with some default rules.
> I support you adding it.  So it's helpful for you to know where I'm 
> coming from AND that I support differing goals.  We are volunteers so 
> there is no necessity for a hugely unified vision.

Did you mean "rules" when you have "goals" here in the Goals section?

"KAM: Apache SpamAssassin is a framework for writing goals."

If so I will correct that on the wiki.

> And note that I have supported and kept masscheck/ruleqa going as best I 
> could for two decades with significant resources starting even prior  to 
> project under SA.  Even though I do not use the results of either system 
> in production.
>> Will do.  I thought about leaving it out since we aren't using that 
>> DNS server anymore.
> Brian's longtime support of this project and his visibility in the OSS 
> community are more valuable than you might know.
> I hope we can figure out something to get him back in the mix and keep 
> him interested in helping!
>> This is a link in the "Hidden Slave" on the DNS Hosting table.  I you 
>> want it more prominent, then I can change the link to show the URL.
> I'm sure it is fine and I just missed it.
>>> Is the "incoming" server still around?  I wasn't able to resolve it 
>>> in DNS yesterday or today.
> Yes, it's named  I might have used a.o by 
> accident.  BTW, can you add a.o and s.a.o to the acronyms list?

Did I miss something?  I am not sure myself what A.O. and S.A.O. 
acronyms are.  Is A.O., and S.A.O I 
have never seen these before.

>> This is documented under the SVN section.  The RO and RW should be 
>> self explanatory to a sysadmin.
> Fair enough.  Some hurdles are good to have :-)
>> It's not under the Workflow section but parallel with the Onboarding 
>> so new people would see it.  After you read the acronymns once, you 
>> should have them down.
> It's a source of reference for all admins that lives and breaths. 
> Leaving it under Onboarding implies they never need to read it again 
> which might prove false.

Moved up one level.  Do you want them moved up to the top level?

>> Do you want to document stuff twice and have to maintain it in two 
>> places?
> The steps, yes.  perhaps not the exact details
> So perhaps     - Email 
> changes to     - Subscribe to and the 
> instructions remain in the section below.

Got it updated.

> However, as evidenced by Bryan still working to onboard, simplification 
> is needed.  I want to specifically hold the hand of new sysadmins at 
> least to the point where they can leave the nest to fly or flop.

I think the documentation we have out there now greatly simplifies 
everything just being able to read the onboarding workflow.  It was very 
raw and recently unvetted when you setup my access.

Wikis are great for quickly putting information out there in an 
organized way but they don't age well.  As time goes on and things 
change, someone has to update the wiki without knowing what has changed 
unless we go through the process of onboarding someone every year.

> Regards,

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