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From Dave Jones <>
Subject PowerDNS web interface
Date Mon, 15 May 2017 20:01:50 GMT
I setup nesedit and wanted to pass this along.  We can put this in the 
wiki after we have properly vetted any security issues but I think I 
have it pretty secure.

1. Open an SSH tunnel from your desktop:

ssh -f -L 8090:localhost:8090 -N

2. Open http://localhost:8090 from your desktop browser

3. Login with admin/admin

Do we need to change the default admin password?  My thought was it's 
not externally accessible (port 8090 listens on and this port 
is not opened on the local firewall) and everyone on the server is 
trusted by SSH keys and has root access anyway.

I think it's secure from the outside and the default admin password is 
fine in this case.


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