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Subject [Bug 7831] DKIM_VALID_AU does not get set properly when mailing from a subdomain
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2020 00:18:36 GMT

--- Comment #8 from Rob Mosher <> ---
also, PerMsgStatus->_get("EnvelopeFrom") is broken when there are multiple
Return-Path headers specified.

I should be using get("EnvelopeFrom:addr") in this patch, but it wasn't working
right in my tests.  I'll update this patch to use it properly and include a
patch to fix

I've also found some bugs in, some of that due it returning junk when
there are multiple Return-Path headers found.  Others due to not checking for
empty strings.  I'll open up a bug report for all of these.


    $sender = $scanner->get("EnvelopeFrom:addr");
    dbg("spf: pms:from:addr " . $sender);
    dbg("spf: pms:from:raw " . $scanner->get("EnvelopeFrom:raw"));
    dbg("spf: pms:from " . $scanner->get("EnvelopeFrom"));
    dbg("spf: pms:get:rp " . $scanner->get("Return-Path"));

$ grep Return-Path: mail2.txt
Return-Path: <>
Return-Path: <>

dbg: spf: pms:from:addr> <
dbg: spf: pms:from:raw>
dbg: spf: pms:from>
dbg: spf: pms:get:rp <>

But with only one Return-Path:
dbg: spf: pms:from:addr
dbg: spf: pms:from:raw
dbg: spf: pms:from
dbg: spf: pms:get:rp <>

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