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From John Hardin <>
Subject Bounded "tflags multiple"
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2011 05:16:52 GMT
Hey everybody.

I noticed that one of my "tflags multiple" subrules was running rather 
longer than I'd like on one of my spamples - it was getting >1200 matches! 
This particular subrule is used in a meta that hits if more than ten 
matches are found, so any processing past the eleventh match is a waste of 

I'm making some promising changes to the compiled rule matching code in (I can hear Michael's hands start to sweat...) - the time for 
processing that rule on that spample went from .79s to .0075s, so I think 
this is worth pursuing.

But there's something I can't figure out (or, at least, haven't yet, and 
it's bedtime). Not all the rules in my sandbox are appearing in the 
compiled rule procs, so my changes to that code aren't working for all 

I haven't poked around much to figure this out yet, but if someone knows 
the answer, could they outline what determines whether or not a given rule 
gets submitted to the compiled-rule-matching process?


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