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From "Warren Togami Jr." <>
Subject Re: Update Mirror Issues
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 04:40:17 GMT
On 01/26/2011 06:48 PM, Daryl C. W. O'Shea wrote:
> Not quite sure why 3.3.0 would be different from 3.3.1+2 would be
> different, but the reason we haven't had any stable branch rules
> published in a while is that we haven't had enough *recent* spam
> submitted. Last nights cron job says:
> HAM: 188008 (150000 required)
> SPAM: 51330 (150000 required)
> Insufficient spam corpus to generate scores; aborting.
> Ever since my main corpus server hard drive failed in October my corpus
> hasn't had spam being added to it so my spam corpus finally aged out a
> few weeks ago. I guess I need to get this fixed, but we also need more
> spam from others.

Joao Gouveia will soon be requesting an account to join the nightly 
masscheck.  He has a significant quantity of spam, and hopefully much of 
it is European language so it should add to our diversity.


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