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Subject [Bug 6515] spamd timeout_child option overrides time_limit configuration option with nastier behaviour
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2010 09:47:12 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Mark Zealey <> 2010-11-24 04:47:08 UTC
> First, I'm a little confused.  The spamd time limit options are command line
> parameters.  Is there documentation somewhere that leads you to believe you can
> specify them in a configuration file other than something like a sysconfig file
> that an init script interprets?

Nope; however I see nothing in the docs about the time_limit 
setting being ignored when running under spamd. Hence whatever happens 
out of this thread I'd like to see some clarification in the docs as to 
how spamd and time_limit relate to each other.

> Second, I would argue that amu response, positive, negative, zero, etc. if the
> child timeout is reached is invalid OTHER than a response that says the child
> timed out.

I can see your point of view here, but I believe it should at least be 
configurable by the end user (which the current setup doesn't allow). 
The TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED synthetic rule is just fine for this - 
spamassassin can provide a default behaviour and the users can override 
this how they would like (I assume this is how it works anyway, not 
looked into the code itself). However the current behaviour is that this 
rule is never generated under spamd, it simply kills the child and 
abruptly closes the connection to the server. As I've said before, this 
(on our systems) leads the clients to believe there has been an error on 
the server and it will then retry on another server etc.

I think the most flexible, logical and easiest change is to allow both 
time_limit and the --timeout-child option under spamd to work together 
with the time_limit being a nicer and more configurable way of sending 
an error status back to the client but the --timeout-child option being 
a last resort in case of a bug within spamassassin or the regexp engine.


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