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From Pedro Padron <>
Subject Re: PHP API to SpamAssassin spamd Protocol (was: Re: SYMBOLS with test description)
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 20:23:01 GMT
2010/10/19 Karsten Br├Ąckelmann <>

> I'm, not a PHP guy myself (let's just leave it at that ;), but that's
> quite nice -- a SA spamd client for PHP. :)

Don't worry, if you want to tell us how you feel about PHP, I will not be
offended =)

If the client can parse the default _SUMMARY_ template, it will be
> usable out-of-the-box without any SA code modification or the need for a
> custom plugin.

Moreover, if you make your client smart enough to ignore the leading
> part prior to the _SUMMARY_, you'd also get rid of the requirement of a
> dedicated user and specific preferences.

I will leave the client library as is, and extend it in my application to
parse the report the way I need. However, I will still need different users
(for my app), because I will also work with rule descriptions in different

Since spamc was your inspiration, you might want to consider inheriting
> some of its behavior and options. In particular, the hostname and port
> as set in your $params should be default anyway.
> Another useful and likely easy to implement option would be the size
> limit. A message exceeding the threshold would not be passed to spamd.

Good idea, I'll work on this today =) I'll also add support for multiple
hosts and zlib compression.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Pedro Padron
Tecnologia & Desenvolvimento | W3P Projetos Web
+55 11 7518 6664
+55 11 2609 1989

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