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Subject [Bug 3109] RFE: really simple "this is ham" shortcircuiting
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 22:27:58 GMT

--- Comment #84 from Amos <>  2009-06-10 15:27:56 PST ---

     That's all good advice of itself, but the documentation on shortcircuit is

     Shortcircuit "on" is supposed to have the behavior you describe.

     Shortcircuit "spam" or "ham" is supposed to have the different behavior of
also forcing a pre-set (very high or very low) score.

     The plugin is not complying with the documentation  -- see, e.g.,
-- which I think constitutes a bug in and of itself.

     It also constitutes a bug in another way:  the default spamassassin rules
set BAYES_99 to 3.4 (or whatever), shortcircuit=spam, and threshold=5.  So if
someone turns shortcircuit on without changing the defaults, then it causes
anything that hits BAYES_99 to be treated as HAM without exception -- the
opposite of the intended behavior.

     Also, at least on my system, I can tolerate a non-zero false-positive
rate, because I'm not deleting spam automatically, just routing it to a folder.
 So the default setting, shortcircuit BAYES_99 spam, is actually the behavior I

     To sum-up:  All the points you made are good ones, but there is still a
real bug here, I think.

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