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From Michael Peddemors <>
Subject Re: [Bug 6048] tests should be removed from the default SpamAssassin rulesets
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2009 17:28:51 GMT
As a company who has to deal with support issues on email, my objection is not 
really the policy, as every service should be able to define their own 
policies, but the problem is that people expect SA to 'work' out of the box, 
and even some very large email providers may not have the ability to 
immediately notice something as drastic as the effect blocking can be.  I 
believe if there is something that could have such profound effects as 
blocking email should not be included as a default.  The README or docs can 
highly suggest you turn it on, but then people would also know that turning 
it on CAN cause problems if used excessively.

I understand that SA effectiveness may not be as good without it enabled as a 
default, however based on our historical support cases, whether it be the URI 
or any other network based lookups, the failure of it is quite unexpected.

As such, for our client base, we have found it necessary to disable such 
checks by default.. however most people would install it out of the box, 
assuming such implications would not exist, (ie all email being blocked, 
labelled as spam etc, for excessive use of a lookup tool.)

My 2 bits, is to have it disabled my default, and a special instruction set on 
how to improve SA performance include a recommendation to turn it on, with 
the caveat of what could happen with excessive lookups..

	-- Michael --

On Thursday 22 January 2009 09:11, Jeff Chan wrote:
> All of this is a lot of inappropriate hand waving for a technical
> solution to what is a policy problem with the list.  Tagging all
> messages is not much different from (monkeys?) blacklisting the
> entire Internet as a way to get attention.  Both are bad list
> policies.
> The list would be much better off blocking DNS queries than
> returning a deliberately misleading result.
> I realize this is probably not an appropriate response for a bug
> ticket, but it's probably unwise to spend a lot of work on a
> technical solution to a problem that's fundamentally an error of
> policy.  Despite that, I hope this observation is useful feedback
> which results in constructive solutions.
> Jeff C.

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