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From "Justin Mason">
Subject mass-check --reuse, again
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 23:07:32 GMT
On Dec 11, 2007 10:31 PM, Justin Mason <> wrote:
> btw, unfortunately my attempt to get --reuse working didn't pan out,
> so if you're using --reuse in the set0 mass-check command line, take
> that out again...

actually, seems ok.  I think it was a checkin I'd forgotten for

: jm 165...; time ./mass-check -n -o
spam:dir:/local/cor/recent/spam/high.20070909/ > o1

real    11m29.117s
user    8m27.776s
sys     0m6.340s

: jm 166...; time ./mass-check --reuse -n -o
spam:dir:/local/cor/recent/spam/high.20070909/ > o2

real    11m41.889s
user    10m23.163s
sys     0m5.912s

so a slowdown of ~10s over the course of 6244 messages compared to
set0 without --reuse, is fine by me.


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