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Subject [Bug 5744] Textcat documentation fixes
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 14:05:55 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2007-12-07 06:05 -------
Also, the ok_languages docs aren't very clear.
ok_languages xx [ yy zz ... ] (default: all)
    This option is used to specify which languages are considered okay for
incoming mail. SpamAssassin will try to detect the language used in the message

    Note that the language cannot always be recognized with sufficient
confidence. In that case, no points will be assigned.

    The rule UNWANTED_LANGUAGE_BODY is triggered based on how this is set.

That doesn't really tell people how it decides to match, it merely points out
the two are related.

Revise that last sentence to:

The rule UNWANTED_LANGUAGE_BODY is triggered if none of the languages in the
email are in the "ok" list. Note that this is the only effect of the "ok" list,
and it does not act as a Whitelist against any other form of spam scanning.

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