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Subject [Bug 5608] Say sa-compile is not for user_prefs
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 04:12:35 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2007-12-06 20:12 -------
Agreed, user_prefs has a place in the world. This isn't it. It they have lots of
rules and want to compile them, they should be using --siteconfigpath to point
to an alternate site directory (instead of /etc/mail/spamassassin) of .cf files,
which can be sa-compiled.

Agreed, anyone wanting performance won't put rules into user_prefs in the first
place. That's going to kill performance by the very nature of user_prefs being
loaded on a per-email basis. Using sa-compile would only marginally speed up
something that's absurdly slow.

However, we probably should point out in the docs that sa-compile doesn't work
on user_prefs, or at least specify it only works on .cf files. It may be obvious
to us that it's a foolish endeavor.

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