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From Sidney Markowitz <>
Subject Re: 3.2.4 schedule
Date Sun, 23 Dec 2007 00:18:43 GMT
Justin Mason wrote, On 21/12/07 11:04 PM:
> The one bug that needs code is:
> 5751 	maj 	P2 	NEW 			sa-update leaves rules
> broken
> but there's still discussion as to how/why/whether to do anything, there,
> so it may not make it.
> The others in the 3.2.4 target list, in my opinion, can be deferred.
> What do you think, guys?

We're now down to 5 bugs in review that need just one more vote:

4179 [review] user rules are not unique to each user
5637 [review] bayes_file_mode is handled incorrectly when crea...
5662 [review] DKIM plugin overhaul - whitelisting and terminology
5606 [review] spamc/spamd tests fail due to broken -x logic
5696 [review] cut regexp base strings at Unicode high codepoints

and one in review that needs two votes:

5612 [review] DB_File: infinite loop causing 100% cpu usage wh...

And only 5 others labeled for 3.2.4 target. I would like to see a resolution of bug 5751
in time for a 3.2.4 release (but would not make it a blocker), and I agree with Daryl
about bug 5673 about handling whitespace in "ALL" headers should get patch 4145 applied
for 3.2.4 and then keep an open bug for further discussion. The remaining three could be

 -- sidney

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