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From (Justin Mason)
Subject 3.2.4 remaining work
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2007 21:28:50 GMT
Well, that was pretty good work ;)  The review queue is almost empty for
3.2.4... here's what's remaining:

ID      Sev     Pri     Plt     Assignee        Resolution      StatusSummary   Summary

5599    enh     P5      PC             needs 1 votes for
3.2   [review] Dns Resolver - rotating servers/load distribution

5748    maj     P5      Mac             needs 1 votes for
3.2   [review] sa-compile failure on latest on OSX/Leopard

Those both seem fine to go in, I think.

5736    nor     P5      Oth                     FPs on FROM_DOMAIN_NOVOWEL

5486    maj     P5      Oth                     __SARE_OBFU_TBL3
causes core dump due to recursion and st...

Both of these can wait.

5751    maj     P2      Oth                     sa-update
leaves rules broken

And this one will not be resolved for a while, if ever; I don't think we
should delay 3.2.4 for it.

Given this, should I prepare release tarballs once bug 5599 and bug 5748
have their fixes +1'd?


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