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From (Justin Mason)
Subject Re: 3.2.4 schedule
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2007 10:04:29 GMT

Warren Togami writes:
> Hi folks,
> RHEL5 currently has spamassassin-3.1.9.
> I've been handed an engineering deadline of mid-January to spin a new 
> spamassassin package for a future update release of RHEL5.  I really 
> hope 3.2.4 can be released before that time so I'm not forced to use 3.2.3.
> Will 3.2.4 by mid-January likely be feasible, or should I plan on 3.2.3 
> with select backports?

It's entirely feasible; technically you could cut a release from the
SVN branch right now, and it'll be good enough to call 3.2.4 (more or
less), IMO.

I'd prefer to get a *real* release out, though.  It's up to the committers
as to whether we can close out the remaining bug(s) and get the votes
together for a release.

These just need votes:

5696 	min 	P5 	NEW 		needs 1 votes for 3.2 	[review]
cut regexp base strings at Unicode high codepoints

4179 	maj 	P3 	NEW 		needs 2 votes for 3.2 	[review]
user rules are not unique to each user

5606 	min 	P5 	NEW 		needs 2 votes for 3.2 	[review]
spamc/spamd tests fail due to broken -x logic

5637 	nor 	P5 	NEW 		needs 2 votes for 3.2 	[review]
bayes_file_mode is handled incorrectly when creating bayes.mutex

The one bug that needs code is:

5751 	maj 	P2 	NEW 			sa-update leaves rules

but there's still discussion as to how/why/whether to do anything, there,
so it may not make it.

The others in the 3.2.4 target list, in my opinion, can be deferred.

What do you think, guys?


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