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From Theo Van Dinter <>
Subject Time is *way* off on SA zone machine
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2007 18:51:56 GMT
My nightly/weekly runs have been failing because of mismatched versions
(*-versions.txt says version X, but the rsync code is version Y).  I thought
it may be related to the clocks, so I went to check and found this:

my machine:
$ TZ=GMT date
Sun Dec  9 18:30:08 GMT 2007

zone machine:
$ date
Sun Dec  9 11:32:58 GMT 2007

Even if the zone machine's clock was in local time and the TZ just set
wrong, it's off an hour (it's actually currently 10:30 in PST...)

I don't see ntpd running, and while I'm not familiar with the whole svc thing
in Solaris 10, "svcs" doesn't list a ntp-like service at all.

Running "ntpdate" says "Not owner", as does trying to set the date via
"date -u", so perhaps it has to be run on the zone host and not the
individual zones?

Justin, I saw some mails about recent maintenance on the zones, did ntpd/etc
not get started up properly perhaps?  Thoughts?

Thanks! :)

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