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Subject [Bug 5497] Bayes has become unusable
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 04:20:34 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2007-06-06 21:20 -------
Ben, please, I understand that you would just like to revert to a time that this
problem did not exist, but it would help in moving forward to understand exactly
how things are going wrong.

One apparent problem is that as of version 3.2 the threshold for ham was set in as -1.0, which is hard to imagine would trigger on much if
any spam.

Another apparent problem seems to have something to do with a change that was
installed by sa-update, as we see from comment #5, and that seems to happen even
with the threshold set to 0.1.

Rob Janssen and Ben Lentz, to figure out exactly what is going on I would like
to see the results of running spamassassin -t -D on a message that should be
autolearned as ham but is not, in a system that has been updated by sa-update.
Since it would have to be ham, pick something that does not have any private
information in it to make it as simle as possible to clean it of anything you do
not want published. Anything that is long should be attached to this bug as an
attachment in Bugzilla using the Create a New Attachment link, not pasted into a

Whether or not it makes sense to increase the ham autolearn threshold, comment
#5 hints at there being something else wrong that we need to fix, and to do that
we need some information.

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