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From (Justin Mason)
Subject rules project update
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 03:31:00 GMT
So, we now have

  - working sandboxes

  - a working mass-check Buildbot:

  - and a working rule-QA web application:

phew!   Still remaining are:

  - a better UI for selecting mass-checks in the rule-QA app, esp.
    weekly or nightly mass-checks

  - mark rules visibly by how they do against our promotion criteria
    in that app

  - a mail-handling script to extract mail-submitted rule attachments

  - defining our promotion criteria for rules ;)

  - a way to limit CPU hit from "overlap" hit-frequencies runs

but those are minor things.   I think the sandboxes and the mass-checker
infrastructure are certainly ready to go...


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