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Subject [Bug 4176] [review] RFE: please add pattern for redirector
Date Sat, 07 May 2005 06:07:25 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2005-05-06 23:07 -------
> The deobfuscation code is in

Yes, which makes fixing the problem easier. I meant that the deobfuscation step
haas been made part of the parsing of HTML. The fact that the code is in Util
and is also called by PerMsgStatus for text bodies helps to point out how wrong
that is.

The method in Util to canonify URIs only has to be called in one place. We can
just not call it in, cache uncanonified URIs in the HTML metadata, then
call the canonify method in PerMsgStatus after the code has chosen to either use
the cached HTML metadata or parse the text message for URIs.

Is that what you were suggesting in comment #49 that Justin agreed with in
comment #50? Yes, I'm also +1 on that approach. This patch would then go in
cleanly to PerMsgStatus with no impact on HTML.

BTW, I'll open another bug for the three uses of parse() as a class method and
fix those as a separate issue.

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