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From Kenneth Porter <>
Subject RE: rpmbuild -tb doesn't run make test?
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:44:38 GMT
--On Monday, December 27, 2004 11:26 AM -0800 Gary Funck 
<> wrote:

> OK. If I want to do some initial configuration, and create
> an RPM from the result, should I first modify the files as
> required, do a make, then make test, and then create a tar
> file from the resulting build directory, and then run
> rpmbould -tb <new_tar_file>.tgz to get the desired result?

Unpack just the spec file from the tarball, and put it in your SPECS 
directory. Put the tarball in the SOURCES directory. Edit the spec file as 
desired, then run "rpmbuild -ba spamassassin.spec". The "-ta" option does 
something similar, unpacking the spec file to a temp directory and then 
cascading to the "-ba" process.

(Remember to package as a mortal. Packaging RPM's as root can be dangerous. 
An error in a spec file can do a lot of damage, like "clean" your real 

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