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From Marc MERLIN <>
Subject What happened to always_add_report ? how about time logging?
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 05:49:09 GMT

So, I'm porting my SA-Exim SA code to a plugin for SA 3.0, and that's all
working now, but my documentation recommended to use
However, this is gone from SA 3.x, and I don't find any equivalent option.
Is always_add_report functionality gone in 3.x?

For that matter, there seems to be a fair amount of options that are just
gone from SA 3.0, like
num_check_received, check_mx_attempts, check_mx_delay, or rbleval
I understand that some became obsolete, or stopped working due to code
changes, but is there a resource for options that were migrated/changed?
(yes, a few are in the upgrade file, but many seem to be missing there)

While I'm at it:
My plugin is also quite sensitive how long SA takes to run since it's SMTP
time, but I've found that SA 3.x can sometimes take quite a while to return,
namely 66, 72, 81, 88, 74, 53 seconds in a few samples I've gotten just in
the last hours. This is way too long for SMTP time response.

My timelog code was removed because it apparently slowed SA down by a couple
of percent or something, but it was quite useful to figure out why SA is
taking so long to run, randomly, on some messages (i.e. I can't reproduce at
will on the command line).
Is there anything that replaces the timelog functionality, or do I need to
rewrite it for SA 3.x?

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