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Subject [Bug 3828] spamd parent stops accepting requests
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 20:33:57 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-11-02 12:33 -------
quick note that i'm seeing on this patch.  a low timeout (ie 1-90 seconds) will 
timeout a child running a bayes auto-expire almost every time since the auto-
expire usually takes more than 90 seconds on a 5-10mb _toks.

so if you run a low child-timeout, your bayes database may never auto expire... 
i run a manual sa-learn --force-exire via cron, as this off loads it from the 
child and lets the child process mail instead of expiring toks.  

FYI, if you run spamc with a timeout and use auto expiry, you are most likely 
seeing spamc exit 74 assuming you are running spamc with -x flag... so this 
will most likely cause a tempfail.

hopefully auto-expiry through spamd will someday be the job of the parent and 
not the children, this would help a bunch in this situation.

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