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From Daniel Quinlan <>
Subject proposal: 3.1 release target
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 22:47:15 GMT
I think we should define our release target date and try to be
aggressive due to the memory issues in 3.0, the easier process with the
new mass-check, and the overall accuracy and speed improvements we've
already made are worth getting out.

To recap, 3.0.0 was released on 2004-09-22 and 3.0.1 was a month later.
If we target for last major release + 4 months (very aggressive and
unrealistic), that puts us at 2004-01-22.  3.1 is going to have
single-cycle mass-check via the sampling (now checked into SVN), so we
should be able to do that bit in 2 weeks at most.  Also, if we only put
4 months of code improvements into the tree, our pre+rc phase might only
take a month.

So, my proposal is simply that we target January 22nd for the first
pre-release.  I think we could have a release out by mid-February.

We'll probably need to leave some speed and efficacy improvements out of
3.1 unless some major patches are contributed, but I think we could just
keep the same goals in place for 3.2 and do another fast cycle.


Daniel Quinlan

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