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Subject [Bug 3238] [review] Score below 10 is not zero-padded causes bad sorting
Date Sat, 04 Sep 2004 02:28:38 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-09-03 19:28 -------
-1, couple of reasons, the main one's at the end, FYI:

+ _SCORE(PAD)_      message score, if (PAD) is spaces or zeroes, then pad
+                   small scores with that many spaces or zeroes (default, none)

I think that needs to be clearer.  What does "00" mean -- I think it means pad
the integer part to 2 places with zeros, but the code actually says that means
you want the integer part to 3 places.  which makes sense since the integer part
will always have at least 1 number so _SCORE(0)_ would be meaningless, but ...

+    $score = ((substr($pad, 0, 1) x $count) . $score) if $count > 0;

since you know that length($pad) >= $count, why not just do substr($pad, 0,
$count) ?

mainly my issue is:

-  my $self = shift;
-  my $tag = shift;
+  my ($self, $tag) = @_;
      return $tags{$tag}->(@_);

which is going to break.  Without the shift (or otherwise removing those two
values off the top of the array), the %tags calls are wrong.  I'd just leave
that as it is.

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