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Subject [Bug 3238] Score below 10 is not zero-padded causes bad sorting
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 17:41:56 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-09-03 10:41 -------
> 3.0.0 milestone - needs to be decided now if we're going to change this

As an outside viewpoint, I'm in favor of one character (either zero or
space) of padding to force the score to two places.  I've started using this
in my spam subjects, and it is making it A LOT easier to sort down and
concentrate on the low-scoring spam for new rules.

(In fact I wish there were two padding digits, since quite a lot of my spam
scores well over a hundred and clutters up the low-scoring spams.  I can see
enough arguments againt reserving three digits to the left of the dp for the
score that I'm not going to argue hard for this one though.  But I wish
there were an option for "score padding digits" or the like.)

I agree with Dunc that a new name might be the best way to go here.  You could 
just keep the old _HITS_ name for this purpose, but you probably don't want 
to.  As wordy as it is, I would prefer _SORTABLESCORE_ or the like to 
_PADSCORE_ as a term.  What I might prefer even more would be two new terms, 
_PAD0SCORE_ and _PAD00SCORE_.  These are ugly, but would allow the user to 
choose one or two padding digits.  (Or maybe _PAD1SCORE_ and _PAD2SCORE_).
Yea, I think I like those last terms best.

In my opinion it doesn't matter whether you pad zeros or spaces, they will both 
sort the same way (barring negative signs) and spaces are prettier.

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