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Subject [Bug 3739] _SCORE_ needs leading padding
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 06:59:51 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-09-02 23:59 -------
Subject: Re:  _SCORE_ needs leading padding

> 3.0.0 milestone - needs to be decided now if we're going to change this

As an outside viewpoint, I'm in favor of one character (either zero or
space) of padding to force the score to two places.  I've started using this
in my spam subjects, and it is making it A LOT easier to sort down and
concentrate on the low-scoring spam for new rules.

(In fact I wish there were two padding digits, since quite a lot of my spam
scores well over a hundred and clutters up the low-scoring spams.  I can see
enough arguments againt reserving three digits to the left of the dp for the
score that I'm not going to argue hard for this one though.  But I wish
there were an option for "score padding digits" or the like.)

I'm well aware there are other ways to get a list of spams sorted by score,
but they all involve writing code for me.  This one is 'free' because the
MUA conviently can disply subjects in sorted order if I want.  So I can
concentrate my time on writing rules rather than reinventing a tool.


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