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Subject [Bug 3743] Spamd not cleaning up defunct processes
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 23:10:26 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-09-02 16:10 -------
hrm.  it seems like for some reason either 1) the OS isn't sending a SIGCHLD
when the child exits, so the parent doesn't know to wait for it and spawn a new
child, or 2) the parent is somehow not paying attention/able to receive to
signals/was hit by SIGSTOP/etc.

In the logs posted, I can see 8145 being spawned:

Sep  2 17:57:48 larry spamd[9297]: server hit by SIGCHLD, pid 9307
Sep  2 17:57:48 larry spamd[9297]: server successfully spawned child process,
pid 8145

but there is no record of a SIGCHLD being received when it exited.

> Could there be some kind of polling code to verify whether the child processes
are in a zombie state and act accordingly.

Not in the current spamd.  The parent has no interaction with the children
beyond spawning them and cleaning up when a SIGCHLD is received.  That's all the
parent does actually, it sits in a sleep() until a signal comes along to wake it up.

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