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Subject [Bug 3740] yahoo bounce are filtered out by spamassassin
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 02:42:00 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-09-01 19:41 -------
I would feel a lot better about this if a copy of a bounce message from Yahoo
could be ATTACHED (as in click on the Create a New Attachment link in Bugzilla)
just as it is when it arrives from Yahoo and before it is passed to
SpamAssassin. That way we can download the ATTACHMENT (which is more reliable
than copy and paste into one of these comments), test what SpamAssassin does
with such a mail, try out a fix, and verify that it works.

When I try to send mail to to the bad in your example my ISP's mail
server is told that the address is bad and the connection is refused. The bounce
message I see comes from my ISP's MTA not from's MTA as you seem to be

It looks like we should be checking for as well as groups,
grp, and in sub check_for_forged_yahoo_received_headers in but I would really like a clear test case before going around
changing things.

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