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Subject [Bug 3740] yahoo bounce are filtered out by spamassassin
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 02:03:15 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-09-01 19:03 -------
Subject: Re:  yahoo bounce are filtered out by spamassassin

> ------- Additional Comments From  2004-09-01 15:12
> ------- 1. You did not include the headers of the message that
> SpamAssassin marked as spam, you only included the body. The headers that
> you show are the headers of the bounced message that are in the body of
> the message that is being marked as spam. It is impossible to say what is
> going on with a header-only rule such as FORGED_YAHOO_RCVD without seeing
> the headers that triggered the rule.
...errrr.. sorry, but it is not as it seems.

The headers as shown in the "message" on the bug report are what was 
actually received. The message is a reconstruction created in mimedefang 
after it is processed by spamassassin (see below). Complete original headers
from the reconstruction are added to the bug report for clarity on your part.

> 2. When submitting an example of mail that causes a problem, submit it as
> an attachment to your bug report by clicking on the Create a New
> Attachment link on the Bugzilla report page. This was written in BIG
> LETTERS when you first created the new bug. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE
> They are there for a reason.
> 3. Ask about this on the spamassassin-users mailing list. I bet they will
> tell you some reason that this is not a bug, or is fixed in version 3.0.

3.0 is beta as I understand it.

> At least they will tell you how you can add a simple whitelist entry now
> before you upgrade to 3.0. They will need to see the same headers that you
> did not post here.

hmmm.... whitelisting ALL of the yahoo outbound servers is a bit of a 
chore. It would be much better to not tag it as spam to begin with since 
we have a lot of Yahoo, hotmail, etc... users and when they move, the 
bounce traffic can be intense from a broadcast message.

> If you resolve this, please mark this bug as resolved. I'll do it myself
> if you don't reply with more details within a week or so.

I've added comments to the original bug which include complete 
headers + the message (which is headers). This is not really what you 
want since the "message" headers were complete. The format of the 
delivery to our spam-moderator box does not include the SA score, it 
is imbeded in the reconstructed headers that are used to send the real 
message so that it is easy to just click SEND after checking for false 
positives and dump it into our realtime tarpit.


        my $new = MIME::Entity->build(
                From            => 'ns2_defang@localhost',
                To              => $SpamCannibalModerator,
                Subject         => '[SPAM] '. $SpamCannibalReason,
                'Reply-To'      => $SpamCannibalReplyTo,
                Encoding        => 'quoted-printable',
                Type            => 'text/plain',
                Path            => 'MY_COPY',
                'X-Spam-Score'  => $xspamscore,
                'X-Actions'     => $xx,

        close R;
        rename 'MY_REPLACEMENT', 'INPUTMSG';

So, yes. I did RTFM and the info that is in the original bug report is 
correct. That's what yahoo does now and the tests that spamassassin is 
doing for bogus YAHOO headers are not appropriate. Yeah, the missing date 
is a problem. I'd like some ideas besides white listing.


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