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Subject [Bug 3350] Recognize plain/text as a textual attachment
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 19:33:06 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-09-01 12:33 -------
A few things.

1) If standard MUAs deal with "plain/text", we should figure out something.

2) The RFC (1521) specifically states:

   When a mail reader encounters mail with an unknown Content-type
   value, it should generally treat it as equivalent to
   "application/octet-stream", as described later in this document.
Appendix A
      5.  Upon encountering any unrecognized Content- Type, an
      implementation must treat it as if it had a Content-Type of
      "application/octet-stream" with no parameter sub-arguments.  How
      such data are handled is up to an implementation, but likely
      options for handling such unrecognized data include offering the
      user to write it into a file (decoded from its mail transport
      format) or offering the user to name a program to which the
      decoded data should be passed as input.  Unrecognized predefined
      types, which in a MIME-conformant mailer might still include
      audio, image, or video, should also be treated in this way.

   A user agent that meets the above conditions is said to be MIME-

3) I've searched the hundreds of thousands of messages in my corpus area.  0 ham hits, 2 spam
which upon review are actually Norton bounce messages from joe-jobbed worm mails.

I don't think this is an issue for us.  Either the Norton folks should change to using text/plain,
or by 
RFC we are supposed to treat their MIME part as a binary.

I vote for closing WFM.

BTW: if you want to catch these messages, you can write a simple plugin for 3.0 which looks
for parts 
that have a "plain/text" content-type, it would be about 1 line of actual code. :)

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