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From Daniel Quinlan <>
Subject Re: Skip net checks if local tests score is high enough?
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 06:25:33 GMT
Jesus Climent <> writes:

> Makes very much sense when you have a mailing list of 7000 subscribers
> which will get 140000K output from your system, in the worst case
> scenario.

It's better to look at percentage of outgoing traffic relative to the
amount of email coming in, it's still only a fraction of the email
itself, DNS queries are very small packets, it's UDP and not TCP, etc.

Optimizing this when there is no actual problem is silly.  If all
bandwidth is an issue (when people have to pay per MB), then you simply
do *not* run network tests because the incremental catch rate over
non-network tests is not significant enough to justify it.

On the other hand, performance is something people want us to improve.

Now, in the case of Razor, DCC, and Pyzor, I agree they shouldn't be
done if they're not necessary, but only because they are very expensive
and cannot be done in the background (yet).


Daniel Quinlan

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