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From "Scott Truman" <>
Subject RE: Skip net checks if local tests score is high enough?
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 09:10:43 GMT
> I think it's on the order of 25 DNS queries for an average message.
> Bear in mind that fewer should actually be going outside your network
> due to DNS caching.


> If traffic matters to you, then don't run network tests.
> We only use DNS blacklists that want to be used, so if we're 
> not worried
> and they're not worried, why be worried?

You've missed my point. The first priority is to stop spam, network tests are obviously necessary
"Unnecessary, inefficient" traffic is a concern further down the list. On one server its bandwidth
is negligible, but over thousands it would add up. It seems only logical not to run network
tests when the local tests have done the job. Why ask a question when you already know the
Was just an idea that seemed fairly easy to implement...


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