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Subject [Bug 3566] version numbers are used inconsistently
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2004 22:25:28 GMT

------- Additional Comments From  2004-07-03 15:25 -------
There's the internal version (x.yyyzzz) which is used in require_version (I've
added some documentation about this in the POD) and for CPAN, etc.  Then there's
the user-visible version (x.y.z{-anything}).  They are, unfortunatly, both
required to be in different formats.

"3.0" isn't a valid version number in and of itself (does it mean "3.0.0" or
"3.0.#"?)  I was thinking about having "require_version" understand the latter
there, so "require_version 3.1" would work for all 3.1 versions, but the code
doesn't support it yet.

I'd probably end up making a function "version_gen_to_int" or something which
takes some value that should be considered a version, and convert it into the
internal x.yyyzzz number format.  ie: it's the reverse of M::SA::Version().


3.0 -> 3.000
3.0.0-pre1 -> 3.000000
randomjunk -> randomjunk  (act as a pass through)
3 -> 3.

Then instead of "required ne current" we do some form of
"substr(current,0,length required) ne required".

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